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Our Story

Loaded Links has the food you crave with fresh never faked wings, gourmet hot dogs and any of our delicious sliders. For people who demand better quality food without the random junk, there's only Loaded Links - because it's more than a meal, it's an art. Visit us today!

It all started with our Gourmet Hot Dogs or Haute Dogs as we like to call them. Loaded Links takes the all-American hot dog that everyone loves to the next level. Our all-natural, 100 percent beef hot dogs are topped with daring ingredients that will give your taste buds a kick. Ever try a Wagyu Kobe style beef hot dog with fois gras, thousand island dressing or truffle mayo? How about bacon wrapped? Heck, throw on some delicious brisket as a topping! We don't judge. Whether you're a fan of the Windy City or Motor City dogs, or even spicy hot Southern dogs, our menu offers iconic haute dogs from everywhere across the country. But you won't find these gourmet franks just anywhere. Our exclusive hot dogs are all natural 100% Beef with none of the junk! No preservative, no nitrates, no artificial colors, no msg, and most importantly no random animal parts.  

Craving some Wings? We’ve got boneless wings, chicken tenders, traditional wings, or get a 50/50 mix. Pick your wing. Whether your in the mood for a small lunch or a large game day carry out order, pick from several quantity sizes. Then have your wings or tenders tossed in any of our signature sauces, dry rubs or dippers. Don’t forget to add the veggies!

Love Sliders? Well we’ve got you covered. Our sliders start out with an exceptional 2oz beef patty. We’ve got the classic slider with ketchup, mustard, caramelized slider onions and a pickle chip on a soft slider bun. You can also select from several signature sliders or simply create your own by choosing your own toppings from our HUGE toppings list.

Finish off your meal with something sweet from our Carnival Bites menu. Featuring our famous Las Vegas deep fried Oreos. You can also add on deep fried cookie dough, cotton candy, or Dippin Dots ice cream.

Our Team